Tanya Sobenina
From the series "Inflorescence"
Photo, digital print, 2015
Pregnancy appears to be a clear happiness. But there are many fears that torment the future mother. The shadow of poisonous cow parsnip rests on the heart, the place where uneasiness is based.
Other works
2017 Awkward Forms. FotoDepartament Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2015 Sincerity. Vorota Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia

2015, 13, 09 Baltic Biennale of Photography. Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia

2014 Place Under the Sun. Kaliningrad Photo Club, Kaliningrad, Russia

2013 White. German-Russian House, Kaliningrad, Russia

2012 180 Degrees. Kaliningrad Photo Club, Kaliningrad, Russia

2010 Humidity. Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia
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