Katerina Cherevko
"Biomass stirring" Series
Paper, graphite, ink, 2017
The continuous birth of organic forms, the search for a single visual code, through which all plant forms are born. The project seeks out organic forms behind those which already exist in the world and in a possible imaginary world, with different physical parameters, different consistency, with different conditions for growth and development. The artist — as one of her consciously stirring biomasses, with given vectors of possibility to create new worlds, causes stirring of biomass. This is a kind of Uroboros. The artist's works are the shadow of her spirit and, at the same time, the shadow of the world of forms in which she is born.
Other works
2016 Living near the sea. Personal exhibition of graphic works. Chehov' library hall. Kaliningrad, Russia

2016 Point and line in the plane. The group exhibition devoted to V. Kandinsky, Kaliningrad

2016 Constructed situations. National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia

2016 The wallpapers ( installation). Vorota Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia

2016 The exhibition of graphic works. German-Russian House, Kaliningrad, Russia

2014 Declaring freedom (site specific). Das Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, Germany

2013 Performance with the sewing machine (with Poonk not-a-mind). Sound-around festival, Kaliningrad, Russia

2013 Baltic. Light Mechanic (installation). Telling The Baltic. Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia

2012 Baltic. Light mechanic (installation). Telling The Baltic. Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia

2012 Allergy to the Red (performance). Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, Klaipeda, Lithuania

2012 Tactile documentation/Abondoned Mystery. Nida Art Colony. Nida, Lithuania

2010 Dialogue with the Picture. ALTERNATIVA Creative Studio. Kaliningrad, Russia

2010 winner ( 2nd place) of the art-competition Art-city (Raum fur raum), Kaliningrad, Russia

2008 Exhibition of Young Artists. Central Artist's house. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2006, 07 Pioneer's Heart, Inclusions, Traffic Light of Spirituality, Parole of Honor (installations). Parazite Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
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