Alexey Medvedev
Audio-visual installation, 2017
I perceive the shadow as a projection or a hint of a hidden object that casts this shadow. For me, the reality in which we live consists of innumerable hints, indications and symbols leading to a true reality whose structure we perceive rather than clearly see ourselves. "GARDEN" is dedicated to the interaction of the body and consciousness at the time of intrauterine development when the body is not yet connected with consciousness. The work consists of several screens each reflecting a specific biological process. Together, the screens form a room that serves as a symbol of the body.
Other works
2015 Gallery Vorota, Kaliningrad, Russia

2014 #SeeMeTakeOver Project. New-York, USA

2014 Attention. Loft Project ETAGI, St. Petersburg, Russia

2014 Art Kvadrat Project. Moscow, Russia

2013 The Story of the Creative Project. New-York, USA

2012 International Festival of Young Artists Art-Session. Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia

2011 International Plein Air. Czaplinek, Poland

2011 ALTERNATIVA Creative Studio. Kaliningrad, Russia

2010 The City Celebrity Project. Kaliningrad, Russia

2010 The Union of Artists Exhibition. St.Petersburg, Russia

2010 Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art, Kaliningrad, Russia

2010 Exhibition Hall of the House of the Artists, Kaliningrad, Russia

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